Introducing MobiMedQr

Introducing MobiMedQr

Are you ready to change the way you manage your child’s or parent’s medical care? Do you wish your child’s important medical details were readily accessible? MobiMedQR ensures caregivers and medical professionals have access to their important medical details at a moment’s notice. Prevent medical errors and a delay in medical treatment by providing crucial details to those who need them.

7.19.2015 Weekly Roundup

Happy Sunday!

We are continuing to update our store inventory – be sure to check in with us regularly as we post updates.  We are also offering free shipping until Monday at midnight with code Freeship!

Thanks to Meghan, Laurie, and Lindsay for joining us as Mom Ambassadors this week. Welcome to the team –

10 Reasons Why Your Healthy Child Needs a Health Journal

Do you meticulously fill in every page of your child’s baby book or at least wish that you took the time to? Do you carefully curate every childhood accomplishment, from their first soccer goal to their science fair awards? Even if you document every detail of your child’s life and milestones, you might be missing out on tracking crucial information that your children will use time and again in the future – their health history and details.