Celebrating New Arrivals

I Am Special CoverThe My Med Buddy team is thrilled to unveil an old favorite made new again with some awesome upgrades.  The all new “I Am Special!” My Doodle Diary is officially available in our online store for your child’s doodling pleasure.

Why Doodle?

A recent article by Dr. Martin T. Stein for Parents magazine highlights the usefulness of a simple drawing by your child as a tool to begin and encourage open dialogue at home.  Doctors and early education professionals have long employed the “draw me a picture” trick as a snapshot to assess a child’s development.  Imagine having a series of snapshots to share with your child’s doctors and teachers that catalogs their growth and development.

What Makes This Diary Special?

Just like us, kids are easily overwhelmed.  In today’s world, our kids are exposed to non-stop activities both online and off.  The Doodle Diary helps your child slow down and focus on what’s most important – their health.  As you work through the prompts with your child, you’ll learn even more than you already knew about them.  How they feel when they are sick, what makes them happy, and more.


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