Introducing MobiMedQr

Introducing MobiMedQr

Are you ready to change the way you manage your child’s or parent’s medical care? Do you wish your child’s important medical details were readily accessible? MobiMedQR ensures caregivers and medical professionals have access to their important medical details at a moment’s notice. Prevent medical errors and a delay in medical treatment by providing crucial details to those who need them.PEANUT ALLERGY%2FDIABETIC


The MobiMedQR package is a comprehensive Emergency Medical Alert Package designed to ensure you or your loved one receives vital medical care in an emergency.

How do we do it? We build a custom online profile for you or your loved one, link your profile to an easy to use QR code, secure it with a custom code, and print labels with the patient name, photo id, diagnosis alert and QR code.

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