What is MobiMedQr?

MobiMedQr is an Electronic Personal Health Record that allows you to share important details about your medical history and treatments with providers in an emergency situation. QR codes can be scanned by any phone to provide immediate access to your records.

What if I cannot scan the Qr Code?

If you are with someone in need of immediate treatment, call us at xxx.xxx.xxxx and provide the patient’s ID and PIN numbers. Our team is available 24/7 to take your call and we will stay with you until the patient is stabilized or you no longer need our assistance.

(Not active at this time – stay tuned for relaunch.)

Is there a MobiMedQr App?

While an app is in the works for a Fall 2020 release, MobiMedQr is is retina ready and displays beautifully on phones and tablets.

How much does it cost?

MobiMedQr is designed to be a cost-effective tool to help you manage your health and medical details. Profiles are created for free and hosted for $79 annually.

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